Panzoid Intro Template (25 Likes?) Professional 2D Intro!

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Hello, My name is Nick and I do many different things! This channel is about intros that I make. Everything is made by me unless it’s says something in the title or description. You can find many great intros here on this channel. You may find C4D ( Cinema 4D ), Blender, Sony Vegas, After Effects, and Panzoid! Most of the intros are Panzoid intros!
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21 thoughts on “Panzoid Intro Template (25 Likes?) Professional 2D Intro!

  1. Ill give you a tutorial.. press open in clipmaker and you see that explotion picture at the left side press it and scroll down and you see that N? yes? okay put your names first letter and you see letters ame okay put the other letters in and press the download icon

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